Sympathetic Hospice Care

At Kris-Leigh Assisted Living in Severna Park, Maryland, we provide elderly patients with competent assisted living and hospice care. Our team of supportive health care professionals is committed to our ideals of equal opportunity and non-discriminative caring that we provide people from various persuasions
such as:

• Race and Ethnicity
• Color and Religion
• Gender and Marital Status
• National Origin
• Age and Ancestry
• Sexual Orientation
• Physical Disability
• Veteran Status

Assisted Living

To allow elderly people to live normal lives, we offer programs that enable them to get physical assistance with various daily tasks. This includes simple tasks such as:

• Getting Ready for the Day • Managing Medications • Preparing Special Meals  

Progress Monitor

Once patients join our assisted living communities, we assess their needs and then recommend specific assisted living service options. We work closely with personal health care professionals for on-site visits and rehabilitative therapies. Regular visits for personal health issue-related discussions are also made by our Director of Clinical Services and resident care managers to monitor patient health progress.


Hospice Care 

Compassionate palliative care services are also offered in a home-like setting to ensure optimal comfort for people going through end-of-life health challenges. We partner with local hospice providers to efficiently provide palliative care services.

Contact us in Severna Park, Maryland, for inquiries about the essential elderly hospice care services we provide.